They say necessity is the mother of invention, in exhibits I think necessity sometimes takes the form of value engineering... My involvement in the Life on the Edge exhibit at the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve in Tuckerton, NJ was less exhibit designer and more ad hoc media producer merging media pieces from a variety of sources into a series of videos that presented historic and modern content in a cohesive visual style.

I sorted through hours of footage and edited down to several short pieces designed to convey key exhibit concepts.  Using minimal software and resources titles, narration, and custom elements were created to  finish the media pieces.  In the piece below images from a PDF of a printed poster produced for the client were adapted and animated:

Media  pieces were designed to be playing on small tablets throughout the exhibit to enhance the visitor experience.  Below are some additional examples of pieces produced to communicate the variety of habitats in the estuary, diversity of species, climate change, and conservation topics to visitors.