Exhibit Desiger


Exhibit Desiger

John R. Hutchinson, Jr.

I am an experienced designer of engaging award-winning spaces, places, objects , images, and multi-media. A skilled visual artist I’ve been professionally commissioned for illustrations, paintings and murals. I have marketing expertise working with well established brands to create experiential platforms for product presentations and visitor engagement.

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History & Culture

Interpreting historical and / or cultural content is represents a significant amount of my portfolio, having worked on over 40 projects of this nature.

Science & Nature

From the depths of space to life inside a drop of water, throughout my career I’ve worked on over 30 exhibits interpreting a broad range of science and / or nature content.


In addition to extensive and proven experience developing corporate trade show environments I have also worked on a variety of interior projects, one-of-kind signage projects, product design, graphic design, and scenic design.


Award-winning trade show exhibit design.

Exhibitor Magazine Silver Award Winner, 2003.

Exhibitor Magazine Silver Award Winner, 2003.

Featured artist in internationally published collection celebrating CAD as an art form.




Experience Working on Large Projects

89% of trade show experience is on booths 25,000sf or larger. (29 trade show projects)

Skills by All Project Experience

Primary project responsibility for all projects from 1999-2019 (Over 100 projects)

Historical Project Phase Involvement

Primary project design phase involvement for all projects from 1999-2019 (Over 100 projects)

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